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Theirl Wilson attorneys have over 60 years of broad and extensive experience in representing national and international clients in the private club, resort, golf, lodging and restaurant industries and have been named by Golf, Inc., a highly respected national golf publication as one of a small group of recommended golf attorneys following a peer survey by the publication of the most experienced and respected attorneys in the golf industry. We have provided assistance and legal services to numerous hospitality and leisure clients, developers and investors in the following circumstances and areas:

  • Negotiating, documenting and implementing acquisitions of new properties and facilities;

  • Structuring and creating entities for the ownership, management and operations for the new owners and facilities;

  • Negotiating and documentation of financing, equity pull-down, long-term leases and management agreements;

  • Negotiating, documenting and implementing acquisitions of debt secured by hospitality and leisure facilities;

  • Assisting clients through foreclosure and bankruptcy proceedings related to mortgages held on hospitality and leisure facilities;

  • Negotiation and preparation of recurring operating leases and agreements with vendors and suppliers;

  • Development and preparation of standard form agreements for events, vendors, contractors, entertainers, caterers and service suppliers;

  • Development and preparation of custom membership documents for private club, resort and golf facilities;

  • Relationships with homeowner or property owner associations affiliated with hospitality facility real property;

  • Operational permit and license issues such as liquor, tobacco, sales, occupancy and property use;

  • Dealing with governmental and administrative matters;

  • Management and coordination of due diligence in acquisition and disposition of facilities and real property;

  • Training, evaluation and advice in risk evaluation and compliance, safety, security, ADA, ADEA, environmental and OSHA matters;

  • Restructuring and repurposing hospitality real property and facilities;